Get rewarded by doing your own tasks

Motive Cryptocurrency is a motivational coin. Its goal is to motivate people to do their own task in exchange of MOTIVs. The coins are given by Motive's partners, which are productivity apps.


What can I do with Motive?

Motive is still in its early age, you can soon use it to subscribe to the Kanbanote Premium plan, and soon use it in other apps. Once the coin will be distributed enough, it will be available to buy / sell in some marketplaces.

Download the Wallet and start Staking

Motive runs on it's own Proof Of Stake Blockchain (based on NXT), it's energy efficient since it's does not require mining. Also you can get extra rewards by Staking your MOTIVs with the wallet, just install it and keep it running.

Get a lightweight wallet (non-official)

If you do not want to Stake and want to use Motive, you can use these Lightweight wallet, make sure to add Motive in the assets list.

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